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What to expect at East Avenue Vision Center (updated May 9, 2022)

        • Safety is our main concern
          • We continue to sanitize all exam rooms and equipment
          • We continue to sanitize all glasses after patients try them on
          • We continue to use air filters throughout the office to minimize the viral load in the air 
          • We are still requiring patients to sign our “COVID-19 consent form” when presenting for an exam, stating that:
            • They are symptom-free
            • They do not currently have COVID-19, and have not been positive in past 2 weeks
            • They have not been exposed to COVID-19 in past 2 weeks, OR they have been exposed, but are both asymptomatic and vaccinated
            • Patients will be required to reschedule if they are sick or if they refuse to sign the consent form
            • As above, even at times when masks are optional, any patient with symptoms (even if not COVID-related such as allergies, etc) will be asked to wear a mask during their time in the office. If they refuse, they will be asked to reschedule.
        • We require patients to fill out updated patient information EVERY YEAR
          • We have made this task very simple by providing you with a link and passcode to update your information 
          • If you are an existing patient, all of your past information re-populates, so you only need to change updated information
          • This link to update your information online and a link to access to a printable version are both found on the “Patient Center” page on our website.
        • We require both Medical Insurance and Vision Plan information when booking
          • Medical insurance is your PRIMARY insurance above your vision plan, which is why this information must be collected. 
          • Per the contract between your insurance provider and the office/doctor, if there is a medical reason for your exam, your medical insurance must be billed first. 
          • If the reason for your exam is anything other than preventative or routine, your medical insurance may be billed. 
          • Our office will inform you before your exam if there is any issue with your insurance coverage and we strive to be transparent about your charges to the best of our ability using the insurance information you have provided.
        • No-show fee
          • We do require 24 hours notice for cancelling an exam.
          • If you no-show for your exam or cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a no-show fee.
          • We may allow one-time exceptions for emergencies, but will require you to put down a deposit to reschedule.
            • Unfortunately, a steep increase in no-shows and last minute cancellations post-COVID have required us to implement this policy. Please be courteous. 


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